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I'm on page 57 of my one work in progress. That's around 13,000 words. For most people, 57 pages might have a larger word count, but my novels are usually filled with dialogue. I'm worried about this story, though. I can only see having two or three more chapters. Let's say that's around thirty pages. My story would end up being ninety pages, which is clearly too short for a novel. That means it'll be a novella, unless I can bring up the word count, and novellas are much harder to get published. I wouldn't be upset about this if I didn't think I was publishable, but I think it is. It's a cute, likable romance that I think teen girls would like.

Today, I decided to do some research on publishing novellas. I didn't find much, except for a few e-publishers who take novellas. Most e-publishers, though, seem to only have erotic and very sensual romance, not many YA lines. Also, I don't really have a huge desire to have an e-book. I don't really read e-books or anything. Still, if that's my only option, I'll probably submit to them. Anyone else know about publishing a YA novella? Please?
I have two works in progress right now, both fun, chick-lit young adult novels. I really don't have any clue how long these are going to be or what exactly is going to happen. For the one, I have a rough outline. For the other, I just have the premise and now I'm just going with it.

Yesterday I finally typed up some writing for one of the books that I have in my journal. Yep, I write said story in class. I can't help it, though. School is so boring, and my writing is calling to me. I hear the faint whispers of, "Megan, Megan, add a scene!"

Also, I had my acting class yesterday, and we did autodramas. Basically, an autodrama is where you talk about yourself and your life, ours was for five to seven minutes. Mine was all over the place. I talked about high school, about my preschool teacher, about my writing, tons of stuff, but I never delved into anything too personal. I'm sure if I delved into something too personal, I'd get all emotional and start bawling! Anywho, they all seemed very impressed that I wrote a novel. Maybe I'm an egotistical jerk, but it still makes me happy when people are all, "Wow, you wrote a novel," and I can say, "Yeah, I wrote three!"

Be honest out there. Who likes to be praised sometimes? Come on, that has to be everyone!
Hey everybody! I used to have a blog on http://literarydreams.blogspot.com, and if you read that, you'd know I hardly posted. Now, I have a livejournal, and hopefully, I'll be posting more to this. If not, just harass me in my comments. Just kidding. I really prefer not to be harassed.

So a little bit about me? Oh, I'm just your average high school freshmen. Well, except with a slightly obsessive, competitive view on my class ranking, a perfectionist attitude, and three novels under her belt. Maybe that's not average. Maybe, as my one classmate said, writing for fun is just weird. Maybe I'm just weird. That's how I like it!

Anyway, I'm currently submitting my second novel, GOTTA GET A Q. You may recognize the title from a hook I sent to Miss Snark (yep, I got snarked) or from the query I sent to Evil Editor (who actually said my query was well done, yippee!). Also, I'm on AbsoluteWrite WaterCooler, the most rocking writing forum ever, and the query and first chapter are in Share Your Work.

Besides that, not much else is going on in my life. Well, not much that would make an interesting blog post.

We have a two hour delay today, hence me having time to write this now. Still, I've got to go get ready. Please comment me, friend me, and the such.